Laserworld EL-230RGB
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The Laserworld EL-230RGB is a RGB laser system with a total output power of up to 230 mW.

The red diode laser module with a wavelength of 650 nm, the green DPSS laser module with a wavelength of 532nm and the royal-blue laser module with a wavelenght of 445 nm ensure beautiful colors and brightness. The beams have a diameter of about 4 mm and a beam divergence of about 1 mrad and the projector offers high-speed stepper motors with 2-5 kpps as well as a scan angle of up to 30°. About 50 preset basic patterns, like layers, tunnels, fences, waves etc. can be controlled via DMX. A sound-to-light mode as well as a stand-alone mode are available too. For the sound-to-light mode the sensitivity of the integrated adjustable microphone can be adjusted.
There is an on-off switch at the rear side of this device.

The Laserworld EL-230RGB is a good solution for first-time users and mobile use and it is often used in bars, small clubs, at private parties or for home use.

With ultra bright 445 nm royal blue!

Полная развиваемая мощность:
230 mW
Гарантированная мощность:
170 mW
Мощность Красного:
100 mW / 650 nm
Мощность Зеленого:
20 mW / 532 nm
Мощность Голубого:
50 mW / 445 nm
Лазер класса::
Лучевые технические характеристики :
ca. 4 mm / 1 mrad
high-speed stepper motors, up to 2-5 kpps
Угол сканирования:
Лазерный источник:
Diode, DPSS Laser
Режим работы:
Stand-Alone, Sound-to-Light, DMX
Основные модели:
ca. 50 (layers, tunnels, fences, waves, etc.)
Дополнительное оборудование:
power cable, manual, interlock, key
Источник электропитания:
85V - 250 V AC
Расход мощности:
15 W
188/165/106 mm
Вес продукта:
2.6 kg
Инструкция по эксплуатации: